Devon Awake is an initiative run by Rediscover Church

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Devon Awake is led by Mark & Nita Pugh. They have been leading Rediscover Church since 2013 and have seen the church experience significant growth during this time. Mark has also been involved in national leadership of the Elim churches and pastored other growing churches in a number of cities across the UK. One of his most memorable adventures was booking the NEC Arena when he was leading a national youth ministry and seeing over 1000 young people give their lives to Jesus in one day.

Nita & Mark Pugh

Nita & Mark Pugh

Mark and Nita have an infectious faith - they believe the gospel works and can change the hardest of hearts and the darkest of communities. They are carrying an expectation that God is preparing to do something great in Devon and want to help serve the wider church in the county.

We are convinced that God wants the 1.1 million people living in Devon to know His love and power and we believe God is mobilising His people to pray and prepare for a spiritual awakening.

Devon Awake comes from a desire at the heart of Rediscover Church to be a resource and blessing - to help connect the hearts and prayers of the church in the county and be an encouraging voice of faith